About Us

The Seasonal Pro website couldn’t be without the input from these wonderful people:

Julie Hanson

Julie Hanson has worked in the fitness industry for around 40 years has taught yoga for more than 20 years, has an extensive set of yoga teaching credentials, (200 & 500 RYT) and has worked with or studied under many of the most influential yoga teachers globally such as Shiva Rea, David Keil, John Scott. She is an advanced yoga anatomy practitioner, a long time studio owner both yoga and fitness and is a founding partner in yoga teacher training schools in Scotland, England and Finland.

One of the first people to bring a aerobics to Scotland in the early 80s, Julie has a reputation as Scotland’s celebrity trainer as she has collaborated on video-based fitness projects with Carol Smilie, and amongst her clients are actor Robert Carlyle, Jim Kerr of simple minds, David O’Hara (Braveheart) and Kay Adams. Over the years she has had many TV and press appearances and has presented roadshows for Nike and Reebok.

She is an active campaigner for improving the quality of instructions in the health and fitness industry, particularly in creating a more formal structure in training yoga teachers to work in the mainstream fitness businesses. She has written two books Deconstructing Yoga with Professor Lon Kilgore, Seasonal Yoga with Sue Woodd, and has written the numerous yoga trade journals.

Sue Woodd

Sue Woodd has been working in the field of Complementary Health and Wellbeing for the past 25 years, founding her own school in 1991. In 1995 she set up a Safari camp in India to give people a real flavor of India, inspired by how the local people used exercise, food, herbs, massage, meditation and lifestyle to enhance their health, relationships and lives. She was a registered Trainer with the Shiatsu Society for 20 years, is a Senior Instructor with the T’ai Chi Union of Great Britain and she teaches for the F3 T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Academy (London). She is co-principle and co-founder of the Seasonal Yoga Teacher training School and is a graduate of the CCST, a college dedicated to the study of the cranio-sacral system.

Marit Akintewe

Marit first practiced Yoga in 2000, after a background in martial arts,with a comprehensive one month Yoga course in Rishikesh, India, under Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. Since then she has studied many different styles of Yoga intensively and travelled to different parts of Asia and Europe on courses and retreats increasing her understanding of the whole Yoga system. She continued to learn under Swami Vivekananda Saraswati for several months of intensive study each year and then moved into the realm of meditation by retreating several times per year, for periods from one week to several months at a time, in the Advaita Vedanta tradition. She is now part owner of the Seasonal Yoga school and teaches beginners to advanced classes in Kundalini and Tantra Yoga, gives lectures, workshops, seminars, private classes, etc. Marit exemplifies the life of yogi in her dedication to the practice and helping others find a way to make these wonderful teachings relevant to their lives.